Protection from Ragging and Terrorism

Rock water is the base remedy for any type of protection against ragging, violence etc, as you would not be harmed or hurt then. It gives total protection against physical harm. If it’s with us, then no body can hurt us.

For ragging give the following remedies:

  • Rock water (against physical assault)
  • Centaury as she can’t say no
  • Rock Rose gives quick mental reflex and extraordinary presence of mind, and an ordinary man will become an extra ordinary person
  • Mimulus – you won’t have fear

If you take the above Bach Flower Remedies, then nobody can rag you then.

In a number of offices, women are finding it difficult to work as there is pressure (amorous glances) from men folks. They are neither able to tell others. This combination will work for them too. As a social service write the remedies in a piece of paper and give it to them.

This will be useful to go alone to a shop during late evenings.

Safety during Travel

Protect yourself with Magam (pray to this star), the animal spirit guide Jackal, and Travel Pack (a combination of remedies). Jackal is a protector by all means – physical, mental and spiritual. It will protect you for sure.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naranji,

    Thank you posting wonderful articles in this blog. I have no genuine friends, is there any remedy to get good friends? I had couple of best friends in school and college, and many long distance good friends but not any girlfriends whom I can call best friends after marriage.


  2. yes! by taking waterviolet you can get good friends. you can take 3pills 3 times a day. you can kep the picture of waterviolet in your pocket. chant waterviolet. you can also write daily inh a notebook – 20 to 30 times.

  3. Dear Naranji,

    Thank you very much for the reply to my query. I love visiting your blog many times in a day. You have given the source of inspiration and joy to many thru your wonderful articles & information on Bach Flowers, SWs, Animal Spirit Guides, Mantras and so much more.


  4. Dear Naranji,

    A friend of mine who ofcourse is a long distance friend whom I have never met but been friends for 5 yrs now has lot of issues with her husband, sister-in-laws, fil, mil and bil. They have turned her life into a mess. She has lived under a lot of turmoil, insecurity, humilations, insults, injury because of her in-laws, is there any remedy for her to keep her in-laws away from torturing her so much?


  5. i am very sorry to say that there is no direct input from the client.
    To prescribe bach flower remedies, the concerned person’s version is very important. From one’s expression only, the flowers are selected.
    From the situation, described. i suggest her to take Holly vine, Rescue remedy, walnut. 3 doses 4 times a day.
    she can chant TOGETHER DIVINE continuously like a mad person.
    best of luck

  6. Thank you!

    • DEAR SIR,Today i lost my watch which my husband bought for me about 1yr back. it was about 5500. and in my 16 yrs of our marriage that was the expensive material ,given by my husband. the next one is cell which is 15000. i almost lost my mobile about a week ago, but immediately after chanting rockwater,gorse and chestnutbud with in 10 minutes i got it thru a lady who found it from the ground and kept it . watch i could not trace. i am upset because that is the first material gift from my husband, and i know it is my mistake because it was getting loose often and its fallen from my hand by itself while riding only. Now i just want to know what mental cause would have created this situation or is it some kind of warning ,what am i to do ,kindly advice.

  7. why has it gone out of your hand? it was getting lose and you ignored it probably to tighten it. The relationship between husband and wife is always taken for granted. As years pass by, our focus gets shifted to the children Especially this is the problem with all the indian mothers. We overplay the role of the mother resulting in underplay of wife’s role. As years go our for the opposite should get stronger. But it does not happen.
    The watch was getting loose – watch! your love for your husband is loosening. give him more love. Tighten your love for the husband and in the forthcoming holidays, spend more time with him give your heart like a child. prepare him for a second honeymoon!

  8. I am very much interested in learning bach flower. I called you once too regarding same. Since i have one year old baby i cant attend class. But i read articles in your website. Can i do it on distance mode. Also pls suggest a remedy for anger and frustration. I get angry on my baby and shout at her whili i know is wrong. Also kindly suggest remedy for my baby to eat well. She refuses to have food regulary for the past one week. Thanks in advance

  9. Sir,

    Yesterday, we had been to my cousin’s house. Bymistake, my mom forgot about her purse for a few secs in the toilet. Before she reached the place to pick her purse, one of my cousin sister handed over the purse to my mom. Later, when we checked 1500/- was missing from the purse.

    what is the message indicated here? whenever we go to this place, we loose something or the other. We have been trying to be ever cautious, but somehow we loose one or the other thing. I want to get that moeny back for my mom. Please give me your valuable advice.

    Just yesterday, I had given her all the mantras for studies to her children, better life, peace in the house, your cards, whatever Icud do to help her out.


  10. roopa,
    the message is if money is lost, dont brood over. let it go. profusely thank God for helping this person with your money. Instead of blaming that person,send Reiki, wishing him to remain fulfilled.
    Think of those events when you got money without asking and those instances where you got money in times of need, and thank God from the heart.
    Earning spending losing money is a way of building up and strengthening our relationship with God. He is giving and he is taking. If this attitude comes, everybdoy will have money always.

  11. What women/girls can chant for their safety…,,What is travel pack..

  12. ab,
    Rock water (against physical assault)
    Centaury (for weak willed)
    Rock Rose gives quick mental reflex and extraordinary presence of mind, and an ordinary man will become an extra ordinary person
    Mimulus – for overcoming fear

  13. Dear Respected Sir NAranji
    Sr reading your Blog “” Protection from Ragging and Terrorism””
    I thought of making Energy circle with “WOMEN” inside circle and writting all the given Bachflowers name in each circle surrounding Crcle with WOMEN inside.Nowdays so many cases are comeing of Women girls getting harm by people evil in them .Kindly guide us for such PROTECTION.Thanks Is it ok if i do such techniqe.FTRRS THANKSDIVNE BE

  14. what a mother of a baby or small kids can chant so that they can control their anger.. and dont shout/yell/scold/beat kids.

  15. m,
    to control your beating the child,
    take the flower remedies Redchestnut cherryplum impatiens

  16. Me and my ex girlfriend spilt up almost 3montha ago together for 7years what can i chant to bring us back together to be a family and raise our son together

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