Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy


During entire period of pregnancy, Mimulus can be used, for there will be a scan every three months. Fear of scan; fear of being reported thyroid problem; “What if the doctor says something bad about the position of foetus?” These fearful thoughts can be healed by Mimulus.

The fortune part is Mimulus can minimise any expenditure. Normal delivery will cost less than caesarean delivery. In other words, Mimulus throughout pregnancy will pave for normal delivery!

Wherever there is specific fear, Mimulus has to be there to help you.

Red Chestnut

During development of foetus, the mother will worry, “Will my child’s brain will be well developed? Will its health be good? Will the child be without any problem?” Through out pregnancy Red Chestnut has to be given.

Rescue Remedy

At the time of delivery, pain is intensive. The pregnant women can chant Rescue Remedy. Others close to her have to take Rescue Remedy and Red Chestnut. Write the name of the patient and circle it with Rescue Remedy, as because pregnant women can’t chant it, for pain will be too much then. Be sure the delivery will be normal and smooth.


During 8th month of pregnancy, the lady will be affected by restless leg syndrome. Agrimony and Impatiens can heal it.


It’s a good remedy for nausea and vomiting, especially during the 3rd month. 9th month starting, the doctor will fix up the date for delivery. As the date gets near we get impatient (Impatiens). Scleranthus person will postpone, while an Impatiens would like to have the delivery immediately. Therefore, Scleranthus and Impatiens is a good combination during the last stages of pregnancy, to have the delivery on time.

Cerato and Chestnut Bud

To beget intelligent children, to make sure the IQ of the child is good, flower remedies is the best choice. One can listen to the Bach Flower Meditation CD by Naran S Balakumar.


During entire period of pregnancy every month is a transition. Therefore, Walnut is the remedy.


If there is total physical exhaustion

Harmony at Home

If during pregnancy, peaceful harmonious atmosphere is to be there at home, for which Beech Willow, Agrimony, and Cherry Plum can be helpful.

Special Remedies for Pregnancy

Let Eshwar Protect

This is a combination to be given throughout the pregnancy: Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Hornbeam, Walnut, Aspen and Red chestnut.

Elm: Person has to manage oneself. It expands the mental ability and physical vitality of the mother. Sweet Chestnut: for the divine grace if a child has to be born safely. Hornbeam: continuous movement; Walnut: for transition. Aspen whatever unknown fear one has. Most of the time, the pregnant woman can not figure out the fear. Red Chestnut: concern for the growing baby.

The first letter of each of the remedies if coined together will form the name, ‘ESHWAR’. If there is a grace of Eshwar – Lord Siva, everything will go on well.

Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Chicory: foetus will start feeling the touch of the mother at the end of the 5th month. Either you can chant all the flower names or listen to Bach Flower Remedy meditation CD. As per Ayurveda, mind starts developing from 5th month of pregnancy. Thanks to flowers, the mind of children will develop well and will be able to understand better. In addition, so many mental faculties will develop better in the child.

Sixth Month of Pregnancy

IQ and brain development: Oak, Chestnut Bud, Cerato, Hornbeam, Walnut and Clematis. For 5 minutes, chant the remedies and keep the hands on the belly (womb). This will help in both right and left brain development and the child will be highly intelligent.

From the 8th month onwards

Add Gentian and Hornbeam to the above combination. Add gentian to combination so that there is no regression in the foetus. Around 8th month, the mother will not be able to sleep properly and will be tossing in the bed – Scleranthus is the remedy. When dates are announced, Scleranthus and Impatiens. Whenever the pregnant women go for checkups, Mimulus has to be given. For easy and natural delivery: bio-26 – this Bio salt is available in homeopathy shops. From the 4th month onwards, four tablets, three times a day.

Ninth Month

The mother-to-be is admitted in the hospital. Pain will increase. Give her Rescue Remedy. As her parents can’t bear their daughter cry, give them Rescue Remedy with Red Chestnut.

After Delivery

White Chestnut and Walnut has to be given to the mother. 1st or 2nd day breast feeding will be difficult – Elm and Chestnut Bud. After the delivery, in the bathing water, add Walnut and Star of Bethlehem (need not be given orally to child) or you can chant them to baby’s ears. After 15 days, it can be given orally. For child and mother, if there is fluid in the ear, give them Heather and Crab Apple.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Any remedies to get Pregnant?

  2. If both are clinically ok, hang a Rabbit photograph in the bedroom. take sweetchestnut walnut two doses a day.

  3. Sir,
    I have hypo thyroid problem, married for seven years, not able to concieve, doctors say no serious complication, but its not working.
    Have been through a lot of treatments – nothing worked.
    Dont know which doctor to go

    Can you please advice me


  4. hang a picture of rabbit in your bedroom.
    both you and your husband should take the folower remedies, once a day.
    Sweetchestnut, Cerato,Walnut Hornbeam

  5. Sir,
    My sister’s daughter has problem with in-laws. She got married during Nov.2010. For the last three months, she is in her parents’house. Her in-laws and husband does not take care of her neither they phone nor they give single penny to her. She is pregnant too. Actually, their in-laws’ demands were not met. So they are harrasing her. They said they will not take her to their house nor they want to solve problem. How to overcome the situation. She is in depression and thinks her future is in danger. Her father is also in shock.

    Could I do something for her successful marriage life.
    Please advice.

    Thanks and Regards


  6. write the name of the person and her husband in a piece of paper. draw a circle around the name. draw one more concentric circle. In the gap write SWEETCHESTNUT MUSTARD HOLLY MIMULUS TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER. Ask her to chant this. you can also do for her. Ask her to chant GURU GUGAN KODI KODI LAVANYAM

  7. Thks,Sir

  8. I want to conceive and for successful conceiving, can u suggest some remedies to chant?


  9. Rumpi
    hang a a pciture of Rabbit in the room. chant sweetchestnut walnut in the night about two hundred times.

  10. any remedy for breast feeding problem after birth of child?

  11. Rumpi,

  12. Can hornbeam be taken in the first trimester without concern for miscarriage?

  13. nancy
    you can.

  14. sai ram naran sir .
    my husbands and my reports are all normal….2 iui’s done but no success….now undergoing for ivf and tomorrow they are going for last step .i.e.embryo transfer pls help and suggest something so that ivf get successful and without any complications .thanks a lot

  15. anu,
    chant waterviolet mimulus

  16. A small boy of age 10yrs fell down in front of his aunt’s house while playing. From that day, he has gotten some fear in his mind. His behavior has completely changed:

    1) gets angry suddenly, irrespective of whosoever comes near to him may his mother /father. Does not want to see his parents, when he gets angry and becomes violent.
    2)Keeps saying that his mother is going to die in few days time.
    3)Does not want to write, sometimes go to school, read books or write in his class.
    4)All the time depressed. This condition started around April’12.

    Request you to suggest some flower remedies for this child. And as you said, shall ask the father to put it in water and give the child to drink.

  17. to heal the trauma of falling -star of bethlehem.
    keeps on saying mother will die -whitechestnut
    anger and violence willow holly vine rescue remedy.
    depressed all the time; mustard

  18. It’s amazing! I conceived immediately after I hung the picture of rabbit in my bedroom. Also have been listening to Bach flowers cd and together divine cd every day. Thank you very much!!

    I am 1.5 months pregnant. I have been carrying a paper with the Bach flowers – ELM, SWEET CHESTNUT, HORNBEAM, WALNUT, ASPEN and RED CHESTNUT written on it. I also keep it under my pillow while sleeping. Am I doing it right?

  19. Sir,
    My sister’s caesarean delivery is scheduled in next week..This is her second delivery,first one was also a C-section delivery.What should we chant when she is in operation theatre so that there are no complications.Also,after delivery what should we chant for her speedy recovery?

  20. KIttu,
    chant TOGETHER DIVINE. Write her name in a paper. Draw a circle around her name. Draw one more concentric circle around the first one. write lalitham lambodaram in the gap.

    • Thank you sir for ur kind advice.My sis gave birth to a baby girl n both are doing fine.Just want to ask what should she chant for bettermilk flow n to feed baby well?

  21. Naran sir,m in my 12th week of pregnancy,my thyroid report was normal when I conceived.I recently got my routine tests done n got t know that my TSH levels are very high(9.6).hv been on thyroid med since many years and changed my dosage as per my doctor.I am very nervous about the well being of my baby..hv been chanting ESHWAR Bach flowers,listening to Bach flower cd also since the beginning of pregnancy..pls grace me with your valuable advice..Naran sir,many regards….!!

  22. I’ve been reading that Bach remedies are safe to use during pregnancy but the only cause for concern is that it is mixed with alcohol. I have been taking rescue remedy and Aspen. I alternate the two and some days don’t take anything. I am 6 weeks pregnant. Should I limit the use, or stop taking these? Is it really safe to take during pregnancy?

    • VIctoria,
      I gave the remedies to my daughter right from 3rd month of pregnancy. neither i nor she had any misconception or doubt.
      Flowers, in whatever form they come,are the messengers of the divine.They are here to serve humanity with humility.
      Thank the flower when you take.
      Best of flower’s grace.

  23. So many success testimonials LOVE!!! and happy stories here! JOY!!!! 🙂

  24. Most respected sir,i’m running my 22nd week of pregnancy and have been diagnosed with a low lying placenta.also I have a bloating problem..Need your valuable advice with suitable Bach flower remedies.many regards…..

    • Rushrush
      best of luck
      As your baby grows, your expanding uterus naturally pulls the placenta upwards away from your cervix.

      If the placenta is still lying low in your uterus after you are 20 weeks pregnanancy, the placenta may still move up in time for your baby to be born.

      Thank your mother for begetting you as a female. Thank your uterus.
      Listen to the bach flower cd daily, through speakers- not head phone

  25. Hello Sir, thanks for such a detailed usage. Can i make 2 combinations of (Mimulus, red chestnut, Olive, elm, sweet chestnut, aspen) and (Oak, Chestnut bud, cerato, Hornbeam,
    Walnut, Clematis) for my wife. She is pregnant and is starting with 7th month of pregnancy.

    • rahul,
      why do you want so many?
      now since she is in 7th month, find out her mental state and address.
      as a base you can give sweetchestnut walnut hornbeam

      • Thank you sir, She does not keeps well most of the time and get tired soon. Keeps on pain in stomach and head.. Feels dizzy and had to rest. Her mind is always busy with house work and does not rest and that makes her feeling for not able to do household work. Baby maturity and easy delivery is always a thought in mind. Please suggest.

        • rahul,
          add vervain centaury. for concern about foetus development add re3dchestnut.
          for easy delivery: ask her to chant TOGETHER DIVINE. when she is restless ask her to chant TOGETHER QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX.
          Ask her to listen to prayer to bach flowers cd daily in the background when she is resting. This should not be listend through headphones.
          Best of divine grace!

  26. Sir
    Ia m 6 month pregnant
    I m taking eshwar,writing daily eshwar and lalitham mantra.
    What is the remedy for
    Strech mark during pregnancy
    Swelling in body and legs
    Vaginal itching
    Throat burning

    • reeya
      dont think about stretch marks now. that is why vaginal itching is there. take crab apple. chant adjust change tiny itching.
      swelling during this times is normal. if you have anger- unexpressed anger- throat burning will be there.
      gnerally thorughout the day, when you find time chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORIGIVE ME LOVE THANKS TOGETHER DIVINE.

  27. a girl in need

    Dear Naran Sir, i m 6 months pregnant (6th month started exactly today). Its been a week that i came to my mother’s house. My in-laws did the ‘godh-bharai’ function and sent me here. from the day i came to my paternal place i am suffering from severe stomach pain in the right abdomen. There is also constipation and bloating. I also got admitted into the hospital. All the reports are normal but my condition is not changing. please kindly suggest me some mantra to be relieved of this pain and this constipation problem. the pain is unbearable. thank u sir in advance

    a girl in need.

    • a girl in need

      Dear Naran Sir,

      I m 6 months pregnant (6th month started exactly today). Its been a week that i came to my mother’s house. My in-laws did the ‘godh-bharai’ function and sent me here. from the day i came to my paternal place i am suffering from severe stomach pain in the right abdomen. There is also constipation and bloating. I also got admitted into the hospital. All the reports are normal but my condition is not changing. please kindly suggest me some mantra to be relieved of this pain and this constipation problem. the pain is unbearable. thank u sir in advance..

      a girl in need.

  28. Hi would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using?
    I’m planning to start myy own blg in the near future but I’m having a tough time
    chooosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is becauyse your design seems differeent then most blogs and
    I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S My apologies for being off-topic bbut I had to ask!

  29. Thanks for all the great info and tips I need to know if I can get a pre recorded CD with the wrrds Together Divine recorded repeatedly can I purchase the CD

  30. Hi. I’m43 years trying 2 get pregnant. Both my Fallopian tubes r blocked n I had tried ivf once but was not unsuccessful .doc said its difficult. But I choose to have a baby. Also my relationship with my husband is strained

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