Bach Flower Remedies June 27 2009 Part II

(From Multi Dimensional Healing June 27 Workshop)

Life Situational Remedies

To make a person speak the truth Rock Water, Chestnut Bud
If any person unsettled Walnut
Change sadness to happiness Gentian – changes failure to success
Any inner turmoil changes to peace Agrimony
Changes the constant worry or inner chat into calmness White Chestnut
To change irresponsibility to responsibility. Willow – makes a person more responsible
To get enthusiasm and joy Wild Rose
If your efforts are not rewarded Oak can change effort into rewards
Dishonesty can be changed to honesty Chestnut Bud
Change immorality to morality Rock Water
Turn arrogance into humility Vine
Turn hatred into love Holly
Become flexible with Rock Water
Turn loneliness into relationship Water Violet
To turn sudden feeling of inadequacy to feeling of adequacySudden crisis of confidence Elm
Indecision and irresolution – whether to go this way or that way Scleranthus, Cerato
For searching the addressYou go to the station to receive somebody; you don’t know the compartment Cerato
Specific fear – meeting the doctor for example, who says let us do a scan, you get scared;Go to a dentist

I am afraid for cockroaches, lizards


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,

    Is it true the brandy in the flower essences essentially calms the nerves? This was told to me by my friend. Please throw some light on this.

    Jayanti Bhaskar

  2. Sir,

    I am a Property consultant / broker and new in market deals in flats, plots,rental,leasing all kind of sale purchase.

    I want to increase my success dealing rapidly for good earning,
    as business is not so good currently and not getting regular income, want to be well establish in to property business with a regular income.

    kindly advice what should i do.

    Sanjeev Kumar

  3. Dear Naran Sir,

    I have this tendency to work only on interesting task. Don’t want to do boring task. Also in some assignment initially there will be enthusiam, later it will appear to be dull. I just have to drag myself.

    I do understand that all tasks can’t be joyful, there will be some tough periods. I want to take up more responsibility for my life and do them well.

    Am already taking Scleranthus for tendency of postponing things.
    Thank you very much for your help. Your blog posts have played an important role in attracting me towards Bach medicines.


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