Achieve different (positive) results

Choices, Decisions and Solutions Part VI

He is a typical hard worker you would have come across in life.

He will be a workaholic. Even if he receives no reward, he will continue to go in the same path. He will continue working hard, even if he does not get any appreciation. Message from (Bach Flower Remedy) Oak to him is, “Do things differently. Do not take the same road to reach your destination.

One wants to go to T Nagar. Every day, if you take the bus to Adayar, you cannot reach T. Nagar. Therefore, you need to change your bus route. In the same way, if something doesn’t work for you, you need to change your approach towards the problem. Oak helps you to do that effortlessly – just few pills away from success. From hard worker you will become a smart worker.

First Major Sale After Eight Long Years

Mani is a marketing person for an IT company that deals with both software and hardware. He was marketing a software product focusing his target exclusively on pharmaceuticals companies. Even after lots of effort, that included soliciting companies through internet, he could not get a single major order. He was working in marketing industry for eight years without much result. Therefore, he was given the Bach Flower Remedy Oak.

Flower remedies without one’s knowledge, will work for the person. After 15 days, he suddenly had a thought, why can’t I sell the software product to medical hospitals instead. Therefore, he approached a company in Coimbatore and eventually got his first major order.

Now, he is doing extremely well.

Think differently, approach your solutions differently and break your thinking pattern. Then you will do well is the message from Oak.

Applications of OAK

A girl in the case of suitors keeps on exchanging horoscopes, without any result: Oak

To complete a project if it extends like rubber, as in some court cases: Oak, Walnut and Hornbeam.

In the end, nothing seems to be happening, and I am going nowhere: Oak

Recognition of work done:  Oak, Walnut and Hornbeam.




About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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