Don’t want to regret my decision

Choices, Decisions and Solutions Part III

If you do not want to regret about an action that you are about to implement, then take honey suckle before you follow through your decision.

Case History

Ramachandran retired from his government services. He got a sum of five lakhs of rupees towards his final settlement.

Ramachandran was always thinking about his office. I gave him Walnut (for transition) and Honeysuckle (not to dwell on the past –thinking about his office) separately.

Ravi a friend of Ramachandran asked him to deposit a sum of five lakhs of rupees in a benefit fund, where the former was working.

Ramachandran said yes. He wrote the cheque and asked his friend to collect it in the evening, as the time then was auspicious.

Around 11 AM Ramachandran heard the news that his uncle has passed away. Therefore, he left for Coimbatore immediately.

“Life events happen without asking us. We are always concerned about our children, our environment and us. However, for divinity every molecule in this Universe is important. It would have preferred Ramachandran not to give the cheque to Ravi.”

He informed Ravi from the bus terminus, that he would come back after two days and give the cheque then.

Nevertheless, Ravi insisted that he had to complete his target ASAP.  Ramachandran pleaded his inability to give the cheque, because he has not signed it.

Ramachandran came back after three days, just to realize the closure of the benefit fund due to lack of funds. He mentioned to me that one of the flowers has stopped him from paying the money and losing it thereafter.  I told him, “It is Honey Suckle.”

Before taking any important decisions, take honeysuckle, for example, in the case of letting out homes or leasing it out.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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