Say a Hard NO

Senthil works for an IT company. He is a pragmatic and careful in spending money. Recently his boss Rajiv, who knew Senthil’s financial position, asked him to organize a loan for three lakhs of rupees.

Until then, Rajiv has taken loan from Senthil, up to 20,000 rupees and has repaid them promptly. Therefore, there is no doubt about Rajiv’s integrity here.

The problem is that the current sum required is a huge one. Senthil has to give personal guarantee to the private moneylender. In case Rajiv failed to pay the money, then Senthil will become responsible to pay back the loan amount.

Because, Rajiv is his boss, Senthil cannot say ‘NO’ to him. Therefore, Senthil approached Naran S. Balakumar. Balakumar asked him to carry Chicory in his pocket. In addition, he took Centaury for a month to develop the habit of saying ‘no’.


Chicory will live on other people’s money (OPM), even if he has to pay hefty interest. He will never spend from his pocket for he will find it difficult to part money from it.

Interestingly, Rajiv has many assets. He could have easily sold one of them and could have cleared all his loans. However, he does not do so. He rather takes loans to manage his finance.

In the game of life, whenever a person cannot say “NO”, then they will attract persons of demanding nature. The demanding types are Chicory and Vine, and the weak willed and gullible are Centaury. Therefore, the prescription here is Chicory and Centaury.


For the last one month, Rajiv has not asked money from Senthil.

Please note that Chicory, Vine and Centaury are Bach Flower Remedies.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir, thanks for sharing this case study. I think that chocory and centaury personalities are so prevalent and widespread in this world.

    If Rajiv were to take bachflowers, what would you suggest (assuming that Rajiv is scared to sell of his assets due to insecurity & his comfort in taking loans)? Would it still be Chicory & Centaury?

  2. It is simple. Rajiv is afraid to sell. specific fear. i will ask Rajiv to take Mimulus.

  3. Flower Remedies work wonders on being chanted as recommended by you.

    Many Children are not able to take ragging / teasing in the right spirit due to various levels of tolerance. Many time they do things which they should not, to prevent being ragged / teased and coming under peer pressure. Could you please suggest a flower remedy for the same.


  4. to prevent from being a victim of ragging.
    1. fear will be there. Mimulus. Mimulus, additionally creates symptathy in the opposite person.
    2. Terror and panic may be there. Rockrose. Rosckrose can help a person think postively even in acute situations.
    3. Centaury – for you cannot say “no” to ragging persons.
    4. Rockwater – wherever the ego is terribly affected,creating a feeling of shame. The magical property of Rockwater is it protects one from mental and physical trauma.
    5. The persons who are ragged will be surrounded by arrogance. vine will help here so that one can escape from arrogance of others.
    The combination of centaury rockrose, rockwater and mimulus is enough. i did not give vine, in my practice. In all the cases the above was successful. The students were highly relieved. thank you.

  5. The above anti-ragging combination can be a good anti eve-teasing also.

  6. Thanks a lot for also giving the reasons for the Remedies. It enables one to absorb the logic of giving a particular remedy. It is this uniqueness of your approach which people really benefit from.

  7. Quite often, we are required to play different roles with respect to the same person. In the process lot of mis- understandings occur due to perception at both ends.
    •At work, we have a subordinate who is also a friend. This friend does not play his role in the office as required. In the role of a friend you try to protect him in various ways besides telling him / her about the problems in a friendly manner. However, if it is not adhered to , it may go the extreme end that you may even need to terminate him/her. It is a very difficult choice. You are torn between both the two roles. In the earlier days, we could take a very Dharmic stand and take decisions. However, now we are required to play a role negotiating happiness for various people in the name of Professionalism / Management etc and suffer.
    •At home, we have to act as a Parent, Friend, Teacher, friend to your kids. Often a role is over played by each of the participant resulting in clashes and mis-understanding. Each forget that they are over stepping on the other role due to inherent flair for one. Thus, a parent who is generally has a strong Vasanas of a Teacher in making, preaches more and is not able to know when to cut off and act as a friend.

    Please give your recommendation to solve the above by way of flower remedy and also EFT

    • naranbalakumar

      Whatever the role we play, let us ask a simple question.
      What is that we lack in any role. Basically, every relationship is based on communication. How do we communicate? What do we communicate? What do we want to communicate?
      The objective of any communication is to reach out to the other person.
      Beech is the remedy for improving our communication.
      What is the negative mental state of beech?
      Unable to understand other man’s point of view.
      Unable to appreciate other man’s priorities.
      Desire to control or change the other person.
      If one is in the above mental state, right communication will not take place.
      How beech can help us?
      Beech can bridge the gap between two persons and makes one understand other man’s point of view.
      Walnut should be taken along with Beech.
      Walnut can bring in change in the mind. A changed outlook, a changed view will give a different communication tool.
      (for you Mr.Reddy, in addition to taking beech walnut, you take centaury also while communicating in the office. “What would my friend think? Will he be hurt, if I say this? These expressions belong to negative mental state of Centaury.
      bes of luck

  8. Wonderfully explained….your site is a healthy addiction,sir.I feel the need to read it like a holy book everyday…sorting out life’s many questions and seeking the right answer….I follow so many remedies you advice,go through the topics so many times,sometimes apply my 2 cents worth as well….analyse life’s situation from a different angle….hv changed so much in my mind and heart…..all because of being a part of this wonderful site and your guidance!!!!thank you ever so much…….,Naran sir….THERE’s still so much to absorb from you……..many many regards……

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