The 21st Century Magic Pill

The Bach Flower Remedy Walnut

In this Age of Change, WALNUT is the Elixir of Life.


  • To attract a partner: Walnut. It helps a single person to get married.
  • Not connected to the family and say, “I don’t belong here. I am out of place”: Walnut will make it happen. It is required for a newly married girl.
  • If a wife does not want to divorce, Walnut can help her achieve her objective. First marriage ended in a divorce, not to attract the same type of person in the second marriage: Walnut.
  • Child bearing: if there is no physical problem, then Walnut is the remedy for two bodies to unite and give birth to a baby, with help of Divinity.


  • Improve handwriting of children: Walnut. I want my son to become studious says mother of a child. Both mother and son should take Walnut.
  • Teenage children, not to be influenced by peers: Walnut. Too much of TV viewing, speaking on mobile phone or any addiction: Walnut, Scleranthus.
  • You are afraid that you will fail in the exam or in an interview; you want do well: Walnut


  • There will be no dismissal if you take Walnut. 
  • Forced to change jobs frequently, work is not challenging, to make progress: Walnut. Somebody prevents promotion: Willow and Walnut.
  • Work half-done and not able to complete it: Walnut, Oak and Hornbeam


  • When signing an agreement, chant “Walnut”. Concerned parties will adhere to the policy of a gentlemen’s agreement.
  • Cash flow and profit: Walnut

Life Situations Where Walnut is Helpful

  • To begin: Walnut is ‘PILLAYAR SULI”.  Walnut is the remedy for relaxation.
  • Not achieving anything concrete and could not see any growth: Walnut. 
  • For selling house and land – spray Walnut water on them. It will be publicized by word of mouth. Sharing the ancestral property: Walnut
  • To get a Helping Hand, or if there is Delay and Resistance: Walnut (it works like Wolf animal spirit). Worried about Saturn (7.5 years itch): Walnut
  • If you are uncomfortable to attend a VIP’s marriage: Walnut, Water Violet and Larch. You will be treated like a VIP.
  • To stop the bleeding: Rescue Remedy, Walnut



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected sir Naranji
    Sir what is the method of taking Dosages which you suggest? CAn any of your given remedies taken for long time if somebody does not remember to follow your suggestions by mistake? If WALNUT taken everyday what will be the effect (GOOD or BAD) one of my friend is giving her whole family walnut daily,Is it ok.Kindly describe right method of taking ..Its urgent sir ..reply soon.BACH FLOWERS..DIVINE-THANKS

    • fltrrs,
      if anyone wants to take walnut only on a regular basis,(why is she giving it daily – the reason is important for me to answer.) once in a week is enough. or Twice in a week.

  2. Dear Sir Naranji
    what is the bachflower remedies for quiting smoking and drinking? any switchword suggestions also? Please reply.Thanks

  3. snm,
    for addiction, one has to come in person

  4. Dear sir Naranji my friend is concerend for her family’s harmony,there is communication gap between Father and sons..sons not working though they are grown ups.Parents does not get respect from thier sons..hence my friend is giving her sons walnut drops daily .I wanted to know can anyone take this remedies for general healings,by health,wealth and to gain happiness.would you kindly advice the method of taking BAch flower ,drops,pills accordingly..Kindly reply sir.Thanks

  5. Dear Sir Naranji,good day to you Sir .
    Sir today while surfing i found this web site
    Kindly advice your precious knowledge with us..Is it advisable to follow according to this site.?Because we wont know ..between right and wrong.Kindly confirm wether to follow this or not for good of our health issues.Thanks…..

  6. Naranji,
    I had recently come to your centre and got a few CDs, books and remedies scleranthus, wildrose and walnut from you. You told me to take B16 for my hypothyroid. I take aurvedic medicines . So would it be okay to take B16 also along with that with a gap of 5-10 minutes?. in addition I am also taking the back flower remedies you have given me. thanks

  7. sashi,
    it is not B-16 it is B-56.
    if you take ayuvedic medicines take them. dont take this

  8. Thank you Sir. I started taking B56 and my TSH value which was 20 reduced to 13.6.

    thank you Sir,

  9. Hello sir,
    Is it necessary to chant bach flower remedies individually for specific problems more than 100 times a day or is it enough to listen the flower meditation C.D twice a day to resolve all the problems??
    thanks and regards,

  10. vandana,
    necessary to chant bach flower remedies individually for specific problems

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